Thank you for visiting my holiday card page. All images on my 2015 holiday card were taken in 2015 (except the image on the back).

Card Front

The images on the front top row are (starting from top left): 

  • Water Cooler & One World Trade Center from the Brooklyn Queens Expressway, Brooklyn
    Taken 9/20/2015 (@IG_NYC Pic of the Day 9/28/2015)
  • Green Lights, Tall Buildings, Taken During Teachers College Global TC Day Outing in New York City
    (WNBC-TV Social Media Pic of the Day, 7/21/2015)
  • (6) Train roaring through the abandoned City Hall Station on Official NYC Transit Museum Tour, Manhattan, NYC (5/30/2015)
  • Empire State Building through the Flowers in Madison Square Park, NYC (4/26/2015)
  • Space Shuttle Atlantis at Kennedy Space Center, Florida during the @NASASocial Reunion (7/18/2015)

The images on the front bottom row are (starting from left): 

  • President George Washington Presides over Wall Street, Manhattan, NYC (4/3/2015)
  • Top of the External Fuel Tank and Solid Rocket Boosters for the Space Shuttle, Kennedy Space Center, Florida during the @NASASocial Reunion (7/18/2015)
  • My very first Crawfish Boil at Club 605 (Thank you @FleurtyGirl !), New Orleans, Louisiana (3/27/2015)
  • Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Memorial with Washington Monument in the background, Washington, DC during #NASPA2 (6/6/2015)
  • Silhouette of the Statue of Liberty from the Staten Island Ferry during official NYC&Co #SeeYourCity Ambassador outing to Staten Island (5/23/2015)
Card Middle Top

The images on the inside (left to right):

Card Middle Bottom
Card Back

The image on the back is of Park Avenue (2013) with quote by Woody Allen and I Love NY Logo added by the NYS Department of Economic Development (I <3 NY).

I hope you enjoyed the card! Have the happiest of holidays and all the best for 2016!

- Jeffrey